This is what our clients have to say.

"I met Allan at a number of shows, including Driffield and Malvern, over a five year period. It took me a while to make the decision but it`s paid dividends.

We initially purchased the Junior machine.

The Profencer is a very well thought out machine involving excellent engineering. Allan understands the needs or the fencing contractor and it shows.

I currently have several large deer fencing contracts which the Profencer is capable of delivering to the highest of standards. It only takes a few minutes to convert it from stock to deer fencing.

Profencer is in a league of own in my opinion and I`m so glad that my patience has paid off."

Tim Bennett
Henfield, West Sussex

"Alun said he had been working with a Profencer for 12 months now and I`m a real convert.

I`d known about it for three or four years but it`s only when you start working with it that you realise how good it really is. It allows contractors to significantly up their productivity and deliver consistent quality and I`ve not looked back since making the purchase.

It`s fair to say it saves you a man which I put at £150.00 per day so it makes total sence."

Alun Lloyd Jones
Alun Lloyd Jones Fencing

Ben Jackson

Freedom Livestock

“I had seen the Profencer Professional being used by a local competitor. After winning a substantial deer fence contract I decided to contact Allan to see if we could hire a machine for a short period.

We were so impressed that we opted to buy a machine. We purchased the Junior model. We already had a telehandler that gave us the flexibility and functionality that offered similar benefits to the professional machine.

It has simplified our workload significantly and means we can save around an hour per 100 metres.

That all adds up over time and means we can employ our staff more productively and effectively elsewhere.

You really can`t go wrong with a Profencer, It’s a marvellous machine, I would recommend it to any contractor needing to speed up his fencing operations and reduce the physical side of unrolling and tensioning wire netting.

Dan Williams

Ring Fencing, Dorchester

“I purchase the machine last year. I`m not getting any younger and I am always interested in machinery that simplifies my working life.

Profencer fitted the bill perfectly. It’s a fantastic piece of kit that makes life easier with outstanding strength and build quality.

We use it regularly for our agricultural stock fencing contracts and really can`t understand how we coped without one.

The after sales support from Allan and the team at Profencer is second to none.

Allan is very approachable. He`s regularly in touch to see how we are progressing and it seems they go above and beyond the call of duty when looking after their customers.

I`d definitely recommend the Profencer to other contractors looking for tools that save on both time and labour.

David Swift

David Swift Agricultural Fencing

“I`d known about Profencer for years having seen it at numerous shows around the north of England.

I have been erecting fencing for about three and half decades since I was about ten years old.

I`d been using a different machine for years but needed something that could deal slightly better with the hills around the Lancaster Yorkshire border. It offers a lot more flexibility and really is a fantastic machine. I can`t fault it at all.

Allan at Profencer has provided great support and customer service from day one. I opted for the Junior model as i`m not out in the field all the time.

It`s a machine that will last a lifetime and you need that peace of mind when making such a major purchase. Together with the Bryce post knocker, it means i`m all kitted out for anything that agricultural fencing throws at me. I really do have the best of the best.

Over the past twelve months the Profencer has come into it`s own in what has been a very busy period for us.

We have worked with other machines but needed something that offered a bit more flexibility and functionality. We needed a solution that would make our operations more efficient.

Specifically, we needed a machine that was self-loading and offered fine tuning mechanism. Getting the perfect tension proved to be a bit tricky at times with very delicate clutch control required continually. The forward shift facility on the

Profencer takes all of that stress away and allows you to fine tune the tension with ease. It fits the bill perfectly.

Allan and his team custom built us a 1.7m high clamp that is proving invaluable for our many stock fencing jobs involving horse, dadger and poultry netting.

The level of customer service and attention to detail combined with a flexible machine that delivers a consistent, high quality finish means that Profencer definitely gets my seal of approval.

Mark Sayfritz
MWS Fencing. Whitchurch
"This is one of the first Profencer Professional machines in use in the UK to have full remote control and I can`t praise it enough.

Everything can be controlled from a distance of 300 metres away which simplifies pulling the netting and requires no walking back to the clamp levers to increase tension. It saves time and money. When unrolling netting the remote comes into its own, adjusting everything in the tractor cab to suit the ground conditions. There`s no need to get out to change the tilt or pull the side shift in or out.

The remote facility along with the machine is the best investment I`ve made. You only buy this machine once as they are built to last. It might cost a bit more but believe me it is worth every penny and will pay for its self quicker than you think. I have known of Profencer for many years before I took the plunge and was well aware of the outstanding fabrication skills of Chris Bettney. It is delivering everything I expected and more, and allows me to automate my operations.

ELP Engineering of Staffordshire provides the electronics and they have done a first class job. Its all about time and productivity in this job and the Profencer delivers a consistency of finish that makes this type of work all the more satisfying."
J Hotchin Fencing
Bakewell Derbyshire

Gary Atkinson & Sons Fencing services

Market Weighton East Yorkshire

“We met Allan at the Driffield show and discussed our need for a left handed machine which was capable of carrying 2 x 500m rolls of stock netting with remote control capabilities. We opted for remote control because one man is usually rolling out and tensioning the netting on his own so the remote control allows him to pick up the rolls of netting from the tractor cab. He can also angle the clamp bar whilst on the move to suit the terrain as well as being able to pump the side shift in and out when in tight places.

After using it for almost a year we wouldn`t be without it, it has saved so much time and physical effort we wish we had bought one years ago. We have always liked the idea of having a Profencer because of its strong build and its capability of being to tension netting up to 2 m high simply by changing from the standard clamp bar to the 2.1 m clamp bar as well as being able to tilt the spindles over to pick rolls o off the floor.

All in all it’s a very good machine that’s worth every penny.”

Arwyn Parry

North Wales

“I purchase my professional machine over 2 years ago and its transformed  the way I work particularly for my bigger jobs.

It’s a very robust and well built machine that helps me get jobs done quickly with a more consistent finish as well as being a much safer option than doing it manually.

There`s no lifting involved. The Profencer takes the strain literally and just helps to make the working day a lot easier.

In addition there`s always support available at the end of the phone from the Profencer team.”

Callum Jackson


“I met Allan at the NSA Show in Malvern in 2018 and decided to purchase a Junior machine.

We use it for all of our stock fencing jobs and it proves time and time again that it`s up to the job saving me time and money.

We attach it to our Avant machine rather than a tractor as that works better given the distances we travel to jobs.

It`s increased our productivity significantly and is a simple machine to get to grips with. We have even managed to do 2km of stock fencing in an afternoon.

It works perfectly well with deer and otter fencing contracts.

Add in the flexibility and it`s safe to say Profencer is a great machine that I`d thoroughly recommend.”

"We purchased our ProFencer over 12 months ago and the machine is proving its weight in gold. It is the speed and efficiency that impressed us all. It just makes life that much easier when you are out in the field. It has proved a outstanding investment. We find it delivers around a 1000 metres a day with ease and its safe hydraulic tensioning system makes it a very efficient piece of kit."
Nugus Fencing
North east Licolnshire
"Before I could do about 250 metres per day. Now with my ProFencer I can do around 1000 metres and can be safe in the knowledge that its all been done to a technically high standard. All my clients seem delighted with the results produced by ProFencer and that’s the best advertising you can get. It’s a great piece of machinery and I`d recommend it to any contractor looking to up their output."
Ash Selway

I J Fencing


“I have been installing agricultural and equestrian fencing for the past 17 years. We have now purchased a ProFencer and it makes my job so much easier and quicker. It’s faultless and with the hydraulics it is safe and easy to use. The hydraulic clamp is fabulous and doesn`t slip. Two fencers can install 1,500 metres of stock fencing in an average day. The after sales service has also been outstanding. Allan is one of those genuinely nice guys who goes beyond the call of duty to keep his customers happy.”

Pascal Eekeren


“We had a order to build a 6km long 2m high deer fence. It was impossible to do with our existing unrolling machine so we look for advice. In England some contractors told me that the best one was the ProFencer and I ordered without seeing it. When it arrived in Holland I was surprised about the way it looked. The quality shone from it and working with it was even better. We unrolled many kilometres with the ProFencer and its proved so good that I have ordered my second machine.”

Dave Pearson

South Yorkshire

“We bought our machine in may and its already been put to good use on some extensive horse netting contracts. It substantially cuts down the time to deliver contracts. My only regret is not purchasing it 5 years previous.”

"I purchased my ProFencer last summer and after using it for a few weeks I whished I had bought it sooner. It can be difficult finding staff to help out in the field but ProFencer gives me the freedom of working alone. As a time saving device, its unbeatable and works well on steep and awkward land. Everything is at your fingertips and you can do a brilliant job with it. Instead of paying someone to help me out the ProFencer steps in and makes every job a lot easier and more cost effective."
Lewis Matthews
"We required a machine that could speed up our wire installations without impacting on quality. ProFencer fits the bill perfectly. Having a ProFencer out in the field makes a massive difference. We have had similar machinery in the past but the ProFencer is, in my opinion the best out there."
Chris of Chilton Churchill

George Shacklock


“Once you`ve started using it you really cannot imagine going back to doing things manually. It takes the stress out of fencing and saves me time as well as reducing labour costs. It also ensures a consistently good finish. It also means I can work with 500m rolls which improves efficiency out in the field. It unrolls very easily and simplifies every contract. As well making the rolling out of wire an easier operation the fact that it can then be tensioned by just operating the levers again saves a lot of time and effort.”

James Bannell


“Around 18 months ago I decided the business needed a machine that would make the unrolling and tensioning of stock netting easier and safer. I looked around at a few options and then happened upon ProFencer and decided to go for it. I was impressed with the build quality and liked the way it worked. It`s a nice strong machine that gets the job done.

The ProFencer does a fantastic job and gets used every week with no problems encountered. It just makes every job so much easier and delivers a constant quality that would be hard to achieve by hand.

I`d wholeheartedly recommend this piece of kit to any fencing contractor looking to simplify their day to day work.”

C J Fencing


“We purchased our ProFencer last winter after viewing it at the N S A show in Malvern 2018. We use it for all our stock, deer and otter fencing jobs. It proves time and again that it`s up to the job saving me time, physical effort and money.

ProFencer has increased our productivity significantly and is a simple machine to get to grips with.

The level of support offered by Allan and his team is excellent.                                     

ProFencer is a great machine  that I`d thoroughly recommend.”

"The Profencer is a substantial machine. It is more engineered than other netting dispensing and tensioning machines. Not only is it simple and easy to use but it is a strong machine that is capable of the toughest and most strenuous of jobs.

The machine has been able to cope with a variety of different contracts. It allows me to install 800-900 metres of stock fencing a day with ease. The Profencer can be used even when I am working on contracts alone. The amount of time and physical effort the machine saves is very considerable."
Oliver Pickard
ORP Contracting
"I won a contract to install 4000m of deer netting on a solar farm which decided me to purchase a Profencer with the stock clamp and deer clamp. Without the Profencer I wouldn`t have been able to finish the contract within the allocated time allowed. Since this contract I`ve managed to complete several other similar sized projects along with an 8000m project in Cambridge and secure several more contracts. Fantastic machine wouldn`t be without it. Back up is a massive thing for me and Allan is always on the other end of the phone for any questions you have and is ringing showing interest in any improvements you think could be made. That’s a price you can`t put on something when you buy it."
Rupert Gardner

David Stocks

David Stocks Fencing​

“We purchased the ProFencer last summer. The various hydraulic controls that the machine has means we can tension and position the netting perfectly for tying off. 

The turntable having bearings fitted means we can spool off wire easily at the start of runs for example, through a hedge, through trees or across a ditch. This is particularly useful when handling 500m rolls. The ProFencer has improved our output so we can keep competitive. We would definitely recommend the ProFencer to anyone who dose a lot of stock, horse and deer netting.

You can tell it has been designed by a working man who has fenced on all sorts of terrains. It is a considerable investment but soon pays dividends.”

Richard Weston


“I acquired my mark 2 ProFencer in March 2011. It has proved to be brilliant in saving physical effort, time and money. This machine will certainly pay for itself in the first year. It enables me to erect stock netting in record time and in the conventional manner.

A great piece of kit.”

Adam Huxham

Isle of Man

“I bought my first  ProFencer { mark 1 model } towards the end of 2010. In the first 7 months of ownership I erected approx. 12000 metres of stock fence. To my calculations the ProFencer has paid for itself in that 7 month period.

I have now bought the ProFencer { mark 2 } with the rewinder attachment which has proved to be in valuable in rewinding 11000 metres of stock netting off a pipe line job. The netting is wound up tight and can be reused off the ProFencer if needed.

How did I manage before!”

Bart Dmuchowski


“We are very satisfied with the machine as it can strain 600m of 2.1 high netting in one pull and easily handles 500m rolls of deer netting. It makes the workload far lighter and works efficiently on slopes and for large stretches of fencing.”

Richard Carter

Akita Fencing East Sussex

“We were looking for a labour saving machine that would stop us getting bogged down, quite literally, whilst undertaking deer and other fencing works and the Profencer fits the bill perfectly.  It’s a piece of engineering designed by a fencer for a fencer and makes life so much easier when we are out in the field. Allan has been in contact on several occasions to ensure we are happy with our investment and that sort of ongoing support is very reassuring.”

Mark Bashford

Southern Countryside Services Kent

“After getting the contract for 11,500 metres of deer netting we decided to purchase a Profencer machine and its turned out to be a inspired decision. The Profencer makes it 75% quicker to put up the netting and is safer. The strength and build quality and safety features only add to the impact it makes. There`s also great after sales service offered by Allan. That`s all the ingredients for a brilliant fencing machine that I`d heartily recommend.”

"We purchased the Profencer last year and haven’t looked back since. It’s a terrific piece of kit that really fits the bill in terms of the types of work we undertake. It comes into its own on awkward sites and saves a lot of time and effort. It pretty much paid for itself within a couple of weeks on a solar farm contract in the mountains of South Wales. I don`t see how we could have done that particular job without the machine. Support from Allan at Profencer has been brilliant from day one. Last summer we noticed that a couple of pins had been stolen from the machine but Allan had them replaced straight away. It`s so important to have technical support on hand when you need it for machinery such as this."
Jody Roberts
Hill Farm Services Monmouth
"I had this machine recommended to me by colleagues in fencing. I looked at other options but Profencer fitted the bill thanks to its all round flexibility. I can do the job of two people when I`m out in the field with the Profencer. It means I don`t have to go out and find a fencer at the last minute to help me with various stock fencing projects. Its always there ready to go and makes my life considerably easier."
Michael Brandrick

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